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The Italian Journal of Animal Science is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original scientific papers, reviews and short communications on animal science, animal production and related areas. It includes sections on: animal derived food quality and safety; reproduction and physiology (ruminants and non-ruminants); animal production (management, behaviour, welfare, health); wildlife; livestock management and landscape; nutrition and feeding (ruminant and non-ruminant); genetics (quantitative and molecular) and breeding; aquaculture.

Upon request to the Editor, announcements of congresses, presentations of universities, research institutes, books and proceedings may also be published, as well as news regarding the members of the Animal Science and Production Association (ASPA). The Association will be glad to receive proposals for your admission as ordinary or corresponding member: please read regulations and procedures in the ASPA statute.

The publication of manuscripts is subject to the approval of referees and in agreement with the Advisory Board’s opinions; referees will be selected from among qualified scientists in the international scientific community.

Genetic relationships among five zebu breeds naturalized in America... Molecular characterisation of k-casein gene in Girgentana dairy goat... Diversity in the dry land mixed system and viability of dairy sheep farming Effects of in ovo administration of betaine and choline on hatchability results... Effects of verbascoside supplemented diets on growth performance, blood... Effects of early dietary energy and protein dilution on growth performance... A comparison of milk clotting characteristics and quality traits of Rendena and...



Meetings: Plenary Session - 66th EAAP annual meeting


The Plenary Session will be held in Warsaw, Campus of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW, on September 1st 2015 during the 66th EAAP annual meeting. 

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Meetings: 2nd International Symposium for Agriculture and Food

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food-Skopje, University Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, organizes the 2nd International Symposium for Agriculture and Food (ISAF 2015), which will be held on 7-9 October 2015, in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.  
Posted: 2015-02-10
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Vol 14, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents

María Eugenia Cervantes-Valencia, Yazmin Alcala-Canto, Abdelfattah Z.M. Salem, Ahmed E. Kholif, Adriana Margarita Ducoing-Watty, María Josefa Bernad-Bernad, Carlos Gutiérrez-Olvera
Mohammed A. Al-Harthi, Youssef A. Attia
Baoguo Bian, Lvmu Li, Xiongyuan Si, Bin Li, Wenjie Guo, Hua Mu, Xiaoling Ding, Fazhi Xu
Maria F. Iulietto, Paola Sechi, Elena Borgogni, Beniamino T. Cenci-Goga
Mahdi Ebrahimi, Mohamed A. Rajion, Goh Y. Meng, Parisa Shokryazdan, Awis Qurni Sazili, Mohammad Faseleh Jahromi
Tarek M. Shafey, Hamad A. Al-Batshan, Ahmed M.S. Farhan
Mauro Zaninelli, Luciana Rossi, Annamaria Costa, Francesco M. Tangorra, Alessandro Agazzi, Giovanni Savoini
Natalia Piaskowska, Tomasz Daszkiewicz, Dorota Kubiak, Paweł Janiszewski
Luciano Comino, Federico Righi, Mauro Coppa, Afro Quarantelli, Ernesto Tabacco, Giorgio Borreani
Gianluca Galassi, Luca Malagutti, Stefania Colombini, Luca Rapetti, Luigi Gallo, Stefano Schiavon, Franco Tagliapietra, Gianni M. Crovetto
Francesca M. Sarti, Emiliano Lasagna, Andrea Giontella, Francesco Panella, Camillo Pieramati
Stefania Marono, Giovanni Piccolo, Rosa Loponte, Carmelo Di Meo, Youssef A. Attia, Antonino Nizza, Fulvia Bovera
Vincenzo La Manna, Emiliano Lasagna, Simone Ceccobelli, Piera Di Lorenzo, Attilio M. De Cosmo, George Attard, Francesca M. Sarti, Francesco Panella, Carlo Renieri
Dingfa Wang, Huifang Huang, Luli Zhou, Wei Li, Hanlin Zhou, Guanyu Hou, Jia Liu, Lin Hu
Francesca Cecchi, Gisella Paci, Andrea Spaterna, Roberta Ciampolini
Sandy Sgorlon, Marta Fanzago, Misa Sandri, Brigitta Gaspardo, Bruno Stefanon
Erminio Trevisi, Nusrat Jahan, Giuseppe Bertoni, Annarita Ferrari, Andrea Minuti
Riccardo Fortina, Aziza Gasmi-Boubaker, Carola Lussiana, Vanda Malfatto, Sonia Tassone, Manuela Renna
Hosna Hajati, Ahmad Hassanabadi, Abolghasem Golian, Hassan Nassiri-Moghaddam, Mohammad Reza Nassiri

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